At regular intervals we feature experts here who offer stimulating ideas and discuss the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of work. You can currently find an interview with renowned interior designer Sevil Peach as well as an essay by trend researcher Franz Kühmayer.

People-friendly, sensible, inspiring:
The workplace as an open space


Sevil Peach wants to make the world a better place—at least at work. For over 20 years, the interior designer, born in 1949 in Turkey, has advocated more people-friendly and productive work environments—with a great deal of seriousness and a fine sense of humor.


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Smart working. Smart building.

Franz Kühmayer is managing partner of the strategy consultancy KSPM, which specializes in future-oriented forms of work. He also works as a trend researcher on these topics at the Zukunftsinstitut. For him, the office of tomorrow will be built around flexible models of working and management as well as intelligent building structures. After all, to ensure a successful future, we need workplaces to be hubs of innovation.

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